My husband, David, and I collaborate on furniture. David is an engineer and he tempers my let’s-just-try-it nature. There is creative tension when two heads design/build and the result sometimes surprises both of us.

Dining Table

Cypress slabs are joined with walnut butterflies, angled on the edges and sealed with a hard-wax finish. The legs are steel.

We stripped, refinished and reupholstered six Lane Rhythm chairs to go with it.

Genkan Cabinet

In Japan we learned how practical it is to store your shoes near the door. This cabinet combines shoe storage with a drop zone for phones, keys and mail as well as a charging station. All our shoes fit into this cabinet so we never carry shoes from the door to the closet.

Concrete Counter

We had wanted to try a concrete countertop for several years so when the new house needed an outdoor sink we jumped at the chance. As we built the form we had to remember that we were building the negative space– all the parts that would not be concrete. It is not the way I usually build.

The surface was pretty smooth right out of the Melamine mold. David spent hours finish-sanding it with diamond abrasive pads to expose some aggregate, then sealed with wax.

My brother gave us welding lessons to make the steel base. The bottom shelf is cypress.

Red Art Chair

I built a bunch or tables but this is my first chair. It’s a new world of design possibilities.

Concrete Mountains

Our neighbors needed a sturdy Green Egg table so we jumped at the chance to use concrete and cypress again. This form was much simpler without the sink cutout so to make it more challenging we personalized it with an embedded mountain range since our neighbors are avid hikers.

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